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Mac & Gaydos, KTAR collect hundreds of donations for Crisis Nursery

KTAR listeners are among some of the best in the Valley and you all proved it on Friday during the annual Caring for Kids event.

Hosts Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos led the charge as we collected hundreds of donations to benefit the Crisis Nursery, the Valley’s longest-serving children’s shelter.

“What struck me the most at Crisis Nursery was not necessarily the amount of kids that were there, but the ages of kids, from babies all the way up to like 8, 9, 12 -year-olds,” Mac said.

For Gaydos, the nursery’s importance really hit as he read a book to a little girl last year.

“She was probably 5 years old and she had this surprised look on her face and she said, ‘No one’s ever read me a book before!’ Like Christmas has come early,” he said.

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