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What to do about social media connections with your ex’s family

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Break-ups are messy. You’ve heard that before.

It’s true.

Who gets the dog? The Wii?

And beyond the serious stuff, there are plenty of other questions.

Do you send a Christmas card to your ex’s grandmother? Do you wear the jewelry or clothing they bought for you? When Facebook tells you it’s your ex’s sister’s birthday, do you wish her a happy birthday?

Ah, there it is… Facebook. Are you really still friends with your ex’s sister on Facebook? To be or not to be? That is the question.

A divorced mom blogger for Yahoo recently wrote about this very topic.

As she points out, things used to be much easier. There was never a need to think about your potential run-ins with your ex’s family members. Did you really fret over a run to the grocery store?

The ubiquity of social media has changed that.

Of course, if you hated your ex’s family to begin with, this isn’t all that complicated of a topic.

But, if like most people, you were sort of ambivalent about them, then there’s kind of a grey area there, eh?

The blogger walks through myriad scenarios before tying it all together with a pretty round conclusion.

The moral of this Facebook story? For those of you with toxic ex family members to deal with, delete those suckers today. You don’t want them stalking your every date, move, and check-in. But for those of us with some great ex family members, consider how deleting them removes them from the kids — and from you. The next battle to deal with is whether you keep your ex on social media or not, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, kids!

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