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First-grader forced to sit on floor for weeks as punishment

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A little girl caught drawing on her school desk was understandably punished — but did her teacher go too far?

That’s the question the parents of a first-grader, all of whom asked to remain nameless, want an answer to.

In an email to the mother, the teacher said the girl had drawn a picture on her desk, lost her recess privileges, was sent to the principal’s office and then washed the desk, USA Today reported.

What the email left out, however, was the fact the little girl was never given the desk back and was forced to sit on the floor for four whole weeks.

“I asked her,’Why did you not tell me?’ and she said, ‘I was too scared to tell you, Mama,'” the mother said. “She thought what she had done was so bad she didn’t deserve to have a desk.”

The teacher has since been reprimanded and the mother withdrew her daughter. She will attend a new school for the new year.

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