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Family holds groomless wedding after cancer diagnosis

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A terminal cancer diagnosis is devastating for any family, but that was especially true for the Moore family of Kingsport, Tenn.

According to Yahoo! News, 20-year-old Whitney Moore realized the diagnosis meant her father, David, would not be able to walk her down the aisle.

Rather than mourn that fact, the family immediately set about creating a “wedding” so David would be able to walk his daughter down the aisle. Though there was no groom at the end, the father-daughter pair exchanged some heartfelt words to end the ceremony.

“I hope that that people look at this and are inspired,” she told ABC News. “If they’re as close with their daddies as I am, this is something they should do. I’m a true Christian believer and I have so much faith and I believe everything happens for a reason. For this to happen, yes it’s devastating news and I’ve questioned it and I’ve also gotten mad, but it’s truly opened my eyes to a lot of things.”

David surprised Whitney with a special silver ring as well.

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