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Does the NFL condone domestic abuse?

This is the story that YOU wanted to hear us talk about! It received 78 percent of the vote in our Radioactive poll!

The NFL cares about women! Look at all the pink merchandise they sell one month out of the year!

Ignoring the fact — for now — that so little of the proceeds from the breast cancer NFL merchandise even goes to charity, the NFL hopes everyone will remember the pretty pink colors at a time like this — when a football player beat his fiancee black and blue, according to

Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, punched his now-wife so hard back in February that she was knocked unconscious. He then dragged her body out of an elevator, before tossing her on the ground.

So, clearly, a mere two-game suspension is the appropriate punishment.

But smoking pot, getting free tattoos, getting in a bar brawl or taking Adderall without a prescription deserve much harsher penalties by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

What kind of a message is this sending to the NFL’s large female fan base? More importantly, what about all the children who love and play football and look up to the athletes?

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