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Obama’s backup plan for the border crisis? The Catholic Church

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It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case things — a night out, vacation, massive humanitarian crisis at the border — go wrong.

According to the National Review, President Barack Obama’s current backup plan should protestors block U.S. transportation of illegal immigrants within the country is to take them to “transitional centers” within the Catholic Church.

John Andrews, the diocese’s director of communications who attended the planning meeting, tells NRO that the idea is to set up “transitional centers” where volunteers and representatives from Catholic Charities would provide food, medical, and spiritual care for families who have been processed at a Border Patrol station.

Andrews said the immigrants would likely be allowed to stay for a couple days at most, but the church could attempt to set them up with a local family.

Obama approached the church after protestors forced several buses carrying illegals to be rerouted in Murietta, Calif.

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