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Potty training the latest trend in ‘outsourced parenting’

Based on all the trends for new parents, “parents” seem to only be in name only, at least for their child’s early years.

From nannies to sleep consultants to baby nurses, the latest trend in Modern Parenting is potty training.

NYC Potty Training, Inc., started by special needs and behavioral analysis teacher Samantha Allen, is the city’s “first professional potty-training service,” according to ABC News.

Yup — parents hire Allen to “train” their child how to use the potty.

Whether kids are petulant, afraid or late bloomers, NYC Potty Training, Inc. can handle any problem with toys, activities and consistency.

One success story has a young boy successfully using and understanding the potty just one day after Allen worked with him.

But all this speed and convenience comes at a steep price. The two-day training session, which Allen recommends, costs $1,750. One-day sessions are also available for $925.

Allen is currently working on hiring and training employees to help her.

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