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Report: 25 percent of Americans aren’t saving for retirement

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The “golden years” may be fading to silver and bronze, according to a report says many Americans feel as though they can’t afford to save for retirement.

According to a Country Financial survey, about one in every four Americans is not saving a single dollar for retirement.

Between debt from student loans and entry-level jobs, about 32 percent of “millennials” — Americans between the ages of 18-29 — report not saving up for their future.

Nearly half of Americans 40 and older report feelings of concern and regret from their previous retirement decisions, the survey says.

Approximately 46 percent of people who aren’t saving claim they can’t do it on a middle class budget.

Problems also appear to arise in awareness of retirement. About 55 percent of Americans don’t know if they’re participating in a 401(k). Among those who do know of their involvement in a 401(k), only 30 percent know how their money is being invested.

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