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Canadian restaurant gives ‘well behaved kids’ discounts

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Bringing your kids to restaurants can be a hassle, depending on the young ones’ ages. One Canadian establishment seems to understand that, and it reportedly gives families a discount for keeping their kid in line while dining out.

The dining blog Eater reports that Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary, Alberta, gave a family a $5 discount on Mother’s Day on a $54 bill — nearly 10 percent off.

What was the markdown for? “Well behaved kids” as it says on a receipt — a picture of which was posted to Reddit on Monday. The Reddit user says the family has a 1-year-old daughter.

“We wanted to show some appreciation for kids and parents if the kids dined with manners,” restaurant owner Toshi Karino told Yahoo Canada Shine. “This is just our secret appreciation. We never let the guests know the discount. We’ve done this often”

Eater says it’s not the first time a restaurant has given a family a discount for kids’ good behavior. Last year, an eatery in Poulsbo, Wash., gave a woman a $4 discount for her well-behaved children.

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