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Will Jeb Bush help immigration reform?

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Last month, former Republican governor of Florida Jeb Bush relaxed his stance on immigration, calling some illegal immigration an “act of love.” In many instances, illegal immigrants are just trying to keep their families together.

While some of his fellow Republicans were flabbergasted by his remarks, the question is this: Can or will Bush have any sway on immigration reform, especially within his own party?

On Wednesday, some Valley lawyers announced they were challenging Arizona’s “denial of driver’s licenses to young immigrants who avoided deportation under an Obama administration policy,” saying Gov. Jan Brewer was purposely being discriminatory.

Meanwhile, over in Washington, D.C., the district has begun accepting “applications for the licenses open to people who have been a D.C. resident at least six months and who can show they don’t have and can’t get a Social Security number,” according to NBC News. D.C. is also providing health insurance to those lower-income residents who do not have proof of citizenship or other legal documentation.

Nebraska also has prohibited young immigrants from getting licenses.

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