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After pit bull bites child, dozens rally to save dog’s life

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PHOENIX — When Micky, a 5-year-old pit bull, bit a little boy’s face back, he was put in a 10-day quarantine at Animal Care and Control.

Now, dozens of Valley residents are trying to save Micky’s life, as his quarantine ends.

Last month, the little boy, 4, tried to take a bone out of the Micky’s mouth when the dog mauled his face so severely, he now needs several surgeries to reconstruct his face, according to

Micky was in his own yard at the time of the incident. Experts and protesters alike are saying he was just defending himself and was expressing typical canine behavior.

“I believe it’s tragic, but I also believe the dog didn’t do anything wrong. He was on his property eating his bone when the child reached down and tried to take his bone away from him,” said Veronica Gasiorowski.

The little boy was also not with his parents at the time.

“Had Micky left his yard to go and maul the child on purpose that would be a different story. This is a case of an unattended child left by a babysitter,” said Gasiorowski.

The dog has also not shown any violent behavior toward the Animal Care and Control staff, since being taken into their custody. The staff has even described him as “mellow.”

Micky’s fate began Monday, when Animal Care and Control took part in a hearing.

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