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Google Glass making its way to classrooms, hospitals, streets

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Technology is everywhere in our lives, but Google Glass, the wearable computer and camera, is bringing things to an entire new level.

While some are concerned the glasses will create privacy issues left and right, many different agencies and occupations are researching how the technology could be useful.

According to CNN, the glasses are being tested by schools for a variety of possible uses.

They’re capturing videos and images of classroom activities through a small camera built into Glass’ frame, and sharing them online. They use Glass to teach lessons from their perspective to share with others, or for their own reference. They’re propping the glasses on students, and using the footage and images from young people to understand what they see and how they learn.

But that’s not all. Some hospitals feel the glasses could provide doctors a new way to treat cancer. In fact, a new program could help doctors identify cancer cells, a report from Health Central said.

The technology could even make its way to city streets. According to USA Today, multiple police departments are looking into Google Glass, though none are actively in use.

“We’re in the process of field-testing that technology in a variety of circumstances, seeing where — if useful — where it might be most useful, most beneficial,” [New York City Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton] said.

As Google Glass becomes more prevalent, we have no doubt we’ll hear about a lot of uses we can’t even think of yet.

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