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Did ‘Biggest Loser’ winner go too far?

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When “The Biggest Loser” contestant Rachel Frederickson began the show, the 5’4″, 24-year-old weighed 260 pounds. When she left the show’s ranch to work on weight loss at home on her own, she was 150 pounds.

When she was announced as the winner on Tuesday night’s show — three months after leaving the ranch — she weighed 105 pounds and wore a size 0/2, according to PEOPLE.

The audience gasped — and so did social media — as many took to Twitter and Facebook to express either their outrage over how “skinny does not equal beauty (or health)” or their concern that Frederickson had become anorexic.

“I just love myself and I am embracing it,” Frederickson told PEOPLE on Tuesday night, seemingly unaware of the concern over her appearance.

The show’s trainers, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, have refrained from commenting on Frederickson’s finale appearance thus far, although, Harper and Michaels looked shocked and concerned when Frederickson walked out.

When PEOPLE asked Frederickson how many calories she had been eating leading up to the season finale, she dodged the question and said, “I am in maintenance mode now so it is just balancing it with life and making sure that I work out and eat right and healthy and make good choices.”

Below is the video of Frederickson’s big reveal. What do *you* think? Did Frederickson go too far with her weight loss?

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