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Dog kisses: Disgustingly cute or just disgusting?

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Dog lovers call them by an array of names: “Kisses,” “smooches,” “licks.”

But just how clean is Fido’s mouth when he jumps up to greet you after a long day at work?

According to, while a dog’s mouth is full of bacteria, it’s not that unhealthy to let them lick your face.

“The reality is there are enzymes in the dog’s mouth that serve as antibacterial. They actually deter the growth and the infection,” said [Dr. Blanca Cortes].

Cortes said the presence of bacteria shouldn’t come as a shock, as dogs are always licking everything.

She also said that only someone whose immune system was compromised could really run the risk of getting sick for the dog saliva, such as someone who’d just had an organ transplant.

And in case you were wondering, veterinarians said comparing dog mouths to human mouths is like comparing apples and oranges.

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