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Report: Young adults who move hits 50-year low

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We hear young adults say this all the time: “I can’t wait to move to ______ when I graduate/get a job.”

But according to NBC News, the amount of young adults who actually follow through with a plan to move has hit a 50-year low. The trend is growing so quickly that demographers have termed young adults “Generation Wait.”

Burdened with college debt or toiling in low-wage jobs, they are delaying careers, marriage and having children. Waiting anxiously for their lucky break, they are staying put and doubling up with roommates or living with Mom and dad, unable to make long-term plans or commit to buying a home — let alone pay a mortgage.

Analysts said the fact young people are nervous about testing a new job market is another reason they have yet to move.

About 23 percent of adults ages 25 to 29 moved to a new town between March 2012 and March 2013, the lowest level since 1963.

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