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Europe looking to allow liquids back on planes

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Liquids could soon be allowed back on airplanes in Europe thanks to new technology.

According to CNN’s New Day, new liquid scanning technology could be in use at London’s Heathrow Airport by 2016.

National Security Analyst Fran Townsend weighed in on “New Day” Tuesday and gave context saying “The ban…was a result of the liquid bomb plot that emanated, by the way, out of London. So it’s pretty ironic that all of a sudden we see the first sort of easing of this restriction coming from London.”

The technology, developed in Ohio, scans liquids using a mix of radio frequency and ultrasonic technology to search for suspicious substances.

All European airports are required to scan liquids for explosives by 2014.

Stateside, the Transportation Security Administration said the installation of liquid scanners is a long-term goal.

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