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Memos reveal confusion before release of Obamacare site

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A review of more than 175 pages of memos as reportedly revealed an even larger picture of confusion in the Obama administration in the days before the rollout of the Affordable Health Care website.

According to ABC News, the memos showed that the administration completely underestimated just how bad really was.

The memos further revealed the site was riddled with problems, from log in issues to incorrect prices and insurers not showing up. One memo said the site only had a capacity for about 100,000 users at a time.

As for paper applications: More than 11,000 have been received, but only 4,000 had been entered into the system as of Oct. 27. Of those, it’s not clear how many are completed and applicants officially enrolled.

The contractor responsible for entering the paper applications had log in issues, a memo showed.

However, not all the problems were on the government’s end. Insurers attempted to make more than 200 changes to their plans once the website went live. Some insurers even canceled plans that people had purchased.

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