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Feeling groggy in the morning? Don’t touch that snooze button

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We’ve all been there: Our alarm goes off in the morning and we mutter, “Five more minutes,” snuggle into the covers and hit the snooze button.

But according to, that extra few minutes of sleep won’t help you feel more rested, nor will it help you get more sleep.

Not only do we delay the start of our days, but we compromise the very sleep we are trying to steal. The healthy, continuous sleep cycles we need are thoroughly disrupted by the snooze. When we hear the first sound of the alarm, our bodies release adrenaline and cortisol, hormones that wake us, interrupting our natural sleep cycle to make us alert.

After hitting the snooze button, our bodies try to reenter a deep period of sleep. The problem? It takes far longer than nine minutes (the length of the standard snooze button) to fall into a restful sleep.

Scientists have said that it’s better to either go to bed earlier or set your alarm later than hitting the snooze button.

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