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‘Place hacking’ becoming new avenue for urban explorers

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We’re all familiar with the term “hacking,” but have you heard of “place hacking?”

According to Yahoo! News, place hacking is a rising trend in urban exploration.

Place hackers sneak into abandoned areas of cities, whether its an old hospital, tunnel system or military base, and document them.

‘The idea behind urban exploration is revealing what’s hidden in the world.” says Bradley Garrett and Oxford University academic and place hacker. ‘It’s about going into places that are essentially off-limits and, because they are off limits, have been relatively forgotten. The goal of the urban explorer is not just to explore these places but also to photograph them and share these with others so they can see what they’re like.’

Place hackers do not seek to damage or vandalize the places they sneak in to. Instead, they just want to see it.

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