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Kids still living at home? It’s your fault

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Are your kids still living at home?

Do they seem “lazy” or find excuses not to leave? Guess what? It’s your fault.

According to the Daily Mail, parents are being too welcoming to their older children and making their stays too comfortable.

Freelance writer Siam Goorwich made her case in the Mail, stating that she and her other siblings — who also live at home — aren’t afraid to help out around the house. She tried living elsewhere, but it didn’t compare to her parents’ home.

The kitchen sink was permanently over-flowing with dirty crockery (yes, some of it was mine) and the house was freezing because we couldn’t afford to heat it. After a year, I’d had quite enough of having to queue for my morning shower as if I was at a campsite.

Goorwich said her parents aren’t trying to push her out and that her father works six-day weeks to keep his children home.

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