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App lets diners leave restaurants without waiting on bill

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Have you ever been in a hurry to leave a restaurant but got stuck waiting for the server to make change or split the check?

That is no longer a problem.

According to the Daily Mail, a new app called Cover lets diners pay either their portion of the bill or the entire thing with a preregistered credit card.

‘Walk into your favorite restaurant and tell your server you’ll be paying with Cover. Enjoy your meal, then leave when you like. Cover makes sure that you are correctly charged and that your tips get to the wait staff. Relax and focus on what really matters – your meal,’ Cover explains.

While some servers are concerned the app may cut down on tips, research said that’s not an issue as most customers tend to tip better if they pay with a credit card rather than cash. Plus, Cover won’t let anyone tip under 18 percent.

The app has already debuted in New York City.

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