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Woman arrested for killing husband after he asked her to

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An Indiana woman may face charges after killing her husband Tuesday. The problem? He may have asked her to pull the trigger.

According to USA Today, Elizabeth Roberts told her husband, Gary, that the police knew about the guns and explosives he was keeping in the couple’s basement and officers were on the way.

Elizabeth claimed that her husband began loading a gun and telling her he would not be arrested. She then threatened to shoot her husband to stop him.

Then her husband handed her the gun — loaded with hollow-point bullets, he told her — and told her to do what she had to do. She said she fired one shot into her husband’s chest, killing him.

Elizabeth had previously told police her husband was dangerous and irrational.

Prosecutors have until Wednesday to decide if they will bring charges against Elizabeth.

“We’re taking our time to evaluate it under every alternative,” [Hancock County Prosecutor Michael] Griffin said. “Obviously, an intentional killing is murder, but there are justifications in the law that would make it other things.”

Those justifications include defense of self or law enforcement and voluntary manslaughter, meaning a killing in the heat of the moment.

Police found about 200 pounds of explosives in the Roberts’ home along with ammunition and firearms.

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