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Should you vacation without your kids?

Imagine strolling down a park or going out to a nice restaurant for dinner far from home but without the kids.

Is it a bit selfish to want “me time” away from the kids, or should you always bring them along for the ride?

That’s what TODAY asked recently, and the response varied from person to person, so it really depends on whom you ask.

Parenting author Sue Scheff agrees that leaving the kids to fend for themselves is not that bad of an idea, saying that it’s actually for the benefit of the children.

“Every toddler and teen is also entitled to a little time off from their parents, too,” Scheff explains. “It helps them grow in their independence.”

But taking a vacation and leaving the kids behind is not something everyone can do or afford, so what is recommended for those people who don’t have family close by or can’t afford a vacation?

“The important thing is to put energy and attention into your adult relationship in any way that you can,” advises Sara Oliveri, a Washington, D.C.-based life coach.

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