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Looking for the perfect wedding? Hire a proposal planner first

Remember that story we told you about a month ago of a man who gave her bride-to-be a ring inside a burger?

As it turns out, proposals such as this one are becoming a lucrative business.

TODAY reports that the rise of social media has grooms worried about proposing the right way to that special someone. And what’s the right way nowadays? One where you can share it with your friends or even strangers, all over the world.

Social media has increased pressure on men to come up with memorable proposals. It’s much more common these days for couples to capture the big moment in a YouTube video and share it online with their friends, only to watch it go viral.

Companies like YES Girls or are helping people find the best ideas for marriage proposals at a rate as low as $199, but once you add other charges (like renting a helicopter, etc.), it can get pretty pricey.

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