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Poll: Cell phones pop up anywhere from church to the bedroom

According to a recent poll, people have become so dependent on their phones they use them in church, while driving, in the shower and even during sex.

According to Forbes, the poll by Jumio interviewed over 2,000 Americans asking if they had ever used their smartphone in certain situations.

The poll showed that of the adults interviewed, 55 percent admitted to having used their phone while driving at least once. The poll also showed that 19 percent have used their phones in church or other places of worship, 12 percent in the shower and 9 percent during sex.

The survey also found that 72 percent of adults agree that they are usually within five feet of their phone.

People were also asked how smartphones effected their relationships and 12 percent agreed that phones come between them their relationships. Another 29 percent agreed to having “snooped on someone else’s mobile phone.”

Those numbers probably contribute to why 59 percent of people keep their phone locked with a password and 65 percent fear getting personal information stolen from their phone.

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