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Café owner: ‘If you’re allergic to black people, don’t come in’

Have you ever walked out of a business because of the skin tone of the people who run the place?

According to The Independent, that’s exactly what happened to Martha-Renée Kolleh, a British café owner and qualified chef who has blamed racism in her community as the culprit for the lack of business.

Ms Kolleh said the effect of racial prejudice was underlined by the boost her business received when she hired a young white woman to serve behind the counter. “I thought I was being paranoid so I hired a lady who is white. I let her stand and serve people while I waited out the back.

This led to frustration on her part, which she vented out by displaying a sign out in the front door entrance that warns people who are allergic to black people to not come in.

The sign Ms Kolleh stuck to her café door read: “Attention! Everyone be aware, I am a black woman, and always will be. If you are allergic to black people, don’t come in. But if you prefer quality wholesome meals in a pleasant and clean environment, come in”. It added: “I don’t bite!”

Kolleh said that even though she has been getting support from all over the world through messages on her business’ Facebook page, she might soon have to close down shop if no one starts coming in.

“If my business does not improve I will have to pack up in just a number of months. I am a qualified chef, and if I worked anywhere else I would be lost. I am here to cook and I am good at it so it’s such a shame people won’t come in here.”

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