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Parents, bloggers upset over ‘baby wigs’

If you thought men in the 18th century were fashionable while donning a wig, you haven’t seen the new trend that’s taking over babies’ heads.

Over at The Huffington Post, there seems to be an outcry from several bloggers over the newest fashion trend: baby wigs.

You read that right. Babies are being dressed in wigs.

Baby Bangs, for instance, an online shop that sells “ready2wear” wigs made “just for little girls,” promises to provide wigs that will help hairless infants achieve “beautifully realistic” hairstyles.

Not a lot of people like the idea, though.

“In case your infant daughter hasn’t developed body image issues yet, parents can start cultivating a lifelong obsession with looks and beauty with Baby Bangs,” MSN wrote over the weekend, noting that “baby wigs” had been a trending topic at the time of writing.

And even though they don’t state this on their website, Baby Bangs is apparently aiming for two things with this creation: To make your baby girl “beautiful” while wearing the wig, and make the baby’s gender identity clear to the rest of the world (‘I’m not a boy!’ reads a section of the website).

Would you ever dress your baby with a wig?

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