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Kids’ first time using drugs trends on Twitter

As if those racist tweets aimed at Sebastian de la Cruz, the 11-year-old San Antonio native who sang the national anthem weren’t enough, kids are now shamelessly tweeting the first time they got high.

According to CBS 5, a trend is atwitter on the social networking site with kids confessing at what age, with whom, and what the consequences were the first time they used drugs – but have they really thought of all the consequences?

CBS 5 spoke with Shawn Gallo, who had this to say:

“What does that mean to your football coach? The basketball coach? The cheerleading coach? A prospective employer years down the road?” Gallo asked.

While others were pleading that the trend stop by using the same hashtag, others took to creating memes of stick figures with bloodshot eyes or animals that appeared to be high.

Mac & Gaydos

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