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Teen lingerie? That’s just plain wrong

Ah, childhood. A time of schoolyard friends, carefree summers…and lingerie?

According to Bloomberg News, retailers are now targeting extremely young girls to boost lingerie sales.

It all began harmlessly enough when Victoria’s Secret introduced its Pink clothing line that targeted college-age women. However, after it caught on with the middle school crowd, several retailers began offering their own lines.

Hot Topic Inc. is testing an edgy lingerie line called Blackheart, and Urban Outfitters Inc., which has said intimates could eventually make up 10 percent of sales, has bolstered such offerings across its brands. Even Justice, the store for 7- to 12-year-olds owned by Tween Brands Inc., is selling $21.90 tie-dye bras and $9 flowered panties online.

While most retailers will deny targeting young girls, a retail consultant said the reality is it will attract a young audience.

Personally, we think this is ridiculous and wrong on so many levels. If you’re a parent and would buy lingerie for your teen, you’re creepy.

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