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Brady Hoke says Michigan catfished its players

The Michigan Wolverines football program educated their players on the potential dangers and risks involved with social media in a quite interesting manner.

According to, an outside consultant spoke with the Wolverines players about how to present themselves in a proper manner online in a recent meeting.

In an interesting part of the social media tutorials, they “catfished” their own players. Brady Hoke spoke of the instance recently and explained just how they were able to pull it off.

The consultant had access to 20 Facebook accounts from players on the team before he came in to speak with them.

His assistant then tried to reach out to the guys and then was brought into the meeting room with them afterwards to deal with the repercussions of their communication with her.

Some players did, in fact, conduct themselves inappropriately while talking online with this woman. They were able to learn the pitfalls of improper social media behavior from this incident.

Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te’o of Notre Dame famously endured a public scandal he said was the result of an online catfishing hoax.

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