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Stanton: Mitt Romney’s speech was okay

LISTEN: Greg Stanton on Mitt Romney's speech

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have been upstaged at the Republican National Convention by Clint Eastwood, but that doesn’t mean his speech was poor.

“I think Mitt Romney did what he had to do,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos Friday. “As these speeches go it’s not the most inspirational one you’ve ever seen, it was a little light on policy.”

But Stanton believes Romney’s speech did deliver in another department.

“I think Mitt did a fairly good job of trying to humanize himself.”

While the Romney detractors feel they can’t relate to him on a personal level, Stanton thinks his speech allowed Americans to see a more emotional side.

Romney told a touching story of how his dad gave his mom a rose every morning. Stanton joked that puts pressure on the rest of us.

“First off, he made every man watching that speech look bad, now we’ve got to buy a rose for our wife or girlfriend everyday otherwise we look bad,” Stanton said.

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