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Rich kid overshares prompt parents to look at their own children

If you want to know what the rich kids of the planet are doing on a seemingly daily basis, the information is merely a click away.

The newest Internet sensation, Rich Kids of Instagram, features photos posted by the children of wealthy parents showing off the more ridiculous moments of their lives, including gold-plated phones, absurd bar tabs and pictures of massive homes.

While the response has been less than positive, to say the least, the site has already caused the parent of one rich kid, Alexa Dell, daughter of computer mogul Michael Dell, to pull his daughter’s Twitter account for fear of his family’s security.

The site also has regular parents wondering if their kids are sharing too much. While most say they track their kid’s online postings, the potential for an embarrassing photo, link or comment is always there.

How do you control your child’s online activity? Do you trust them with social media? Do you think you need to completely oversee what they do or should you just give them a talk and let them learn on their own?

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