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Tim Tebow goes ‘sexy Jesus’ for GQ

We’d like to be able to say New York jets quarterback Tim Tebow is back in the news, but let’s face it, he never left.

The outspokenly Christian QB has ruffled a few feathers after photos from a piece in the September GQ leaked out, one of which makes him appear in a pose strikingly similar to Jesus on the cross.

The black-and-white photo features a shirtless Tebow with his arms spread and legs crossed posing in his old University of Florida stadium, where he both played football and went to college.

Some have written the photo off as an obvious nod to his religion, while other feels the shot goes too far, even calling it a “sexy” representation of Jesus.

“All that is missing is an actual cross and a crown of thorns,” wrote Yahoo! Sports contributor Lynda Altman. “Tim Tebow may have gone too far on this one. Is it right for a nice Christian boy to play to the media like this? Tebow is far from being the football savior the Jets need. As for saving anything else or anyone–I’ll leave that to a higher power than Tebow mania.”

What do you think? Should people be irked by Tebow’s photo or is everyone taking things a bit too far?

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