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Booty Bopping child rapper raises eyebrows

Kids these days.

A sexually suggestive music video has gone viral and features six-year-old Albert Roundtree Jr., singing, dancing and shaking his booty in a music video dubbed ‘Booty Pop’.

There are, of course, women dressed in skimpy bikinis dancing around Albert, with him making inappropriate gestures while singing, “I can make your booty pop.”

What kind of parents would allow their child to film a raunchy YouTube video? Can they be that desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame?

The video has since been yanked from YouTube and the director has come to the defense of Albert’s parents saying it was all just a “joke” gone awry.

But few people are laughing. In fact, some feel his parents should be investigated by child protective services.

Too far or on point?

This is not some bubble gum pop song, and Albert is no Rebecca Black, but the firestorm of controversy that has erupted since the video’s release feels eerily familiar.

Negative publicity rears its head once again.

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