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The Source: Would you quit if you took a big pay cut?

In the bad economy, companies are cutting salaries and employees in order to keep their head above water.

In Scranton, PA, all city employees were cut from their salary and given a minimum wage rate.

Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos wanted to get the opinion of Valley workers so they went straight to the source.

Daniel, from Phoenix:

“I work as a delivery driver. Actually, I kinda had something happen like that. I make, already, minimum wage, but they drop us below minimum wage when we go on a delivery. Supposedly, what’s supposed to happen is, when I go on a delivery, I have to get tipped and then I have to average out above or at minimum wage. I would definitely leave.”

Mark, from Chandler:

“I’d quit. As much as I love my company and what I do — I’ve been there for over five years — it’s not something I can support my family on and I’d say, ‘You know what, I love working here, but if you’re not going to pay me enough to take care of my family, I can’t continue to be here.’ It’d be tough to walk away from my company — being there and the benefits I get there — but the cut that it would be, it’d be too big. That’s like $600 per month.”

Samantha, from Mesa:

“I wouldn’t keep it. My other concern would be that they’re saving money, but these people that are getting their pay cut, are they going to be supplementing it with possibly food stamps, aid from the state? I’m not really seeing how that would be saving the state any money. If you’re getting that big of a cut and you have family, you would need to supplement it with food stamps.”

If your boss told you that you were being dropped to minimum wage, would you quit?

Mac & Gaydos

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