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DREAMers make a last minute push for in-state tuition

Ahead of final talks for a vote for a reduced tuition rate by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), DREAMers are making another push for in-state tuition.

“We appreciate their efforts in taking a step in the right direction for student equality and education but we know that they have the opportunity to do more,” said 26-year-old Korina Iribe, an ASU student that has been living in Arizona since she was five.

“Many DREAMers are in-state students with jobs, who pay taxes, graduate from Arizona high schools and are DACA recipients,” she said.

ABOR president Eileen Klein said their reading of the law is that DACA students do not qualify for in-state tuition.

“We recognize how hard they are working to get tuition equality, at this point though we don’t believe we have the legal authority to proceed with offering in-state tuition,” Klein said. “But the Regents do want to try find a way to recognize the talent of these students, and so they’ve taken this bold step to offer a reduced tuition rate from DACA students currently pay.”

The Arizona Board of Regents will discuss and vote on the universities’ tuition proposal on May 4 and vote on it in June.

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