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Why it’s cheaper to own and rent a car this year in Arizona

It’s going to be a little cheaper to drive your car this year.

“Every year AAA produces a report called Your Driving Cost, where we factor in every single cost that goes into the cost vehicle ownership,” said Michelle Donati with AAA Arizona.

That includes everything like depreciation, gas, insurance, tires, financing and more.

“There is good news for this year, the cost of driving is actually down compared to last year,” Donati said.

For 2015 the average cost to own and operate a sedan is down about 2 percent, which puts nearly $200 back in your pocket over the year.

“The two biggest factors that helped prices come down this year; gas prices are down by about 13 percent compared to last year, and also finance charges by manufactures have tumbled by more than 21 percent from last year,” she said.

View the complete study here.

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