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The best New Year’s resolution is appreciating your kids

With the new year rapidly approaching, the onslaught of people creating, posting and sharing their resolutions will be upon us.

I do not partake in the setting of resolutions. I feel like any time of the year is a good time to decide to improve myself and it seems like there is too much pressure that comes with the hype of being labeled a New Year’s resolution. I will consider 2015 a win if I actually make one of the 250 recipes I have pinned to my “Nummies” page on Pinterest.

But one thing I am ALWAYS thinking about doing a better job of is making sure that I capture my kids and the ridiculously entertaining things that come flying out of their mouths. For instance, here are a few words that have forever changed my vernacular:

• Any and all types of cereal are called “dewies.”

• Spaghetti is now sgabetti. Don’t say that too many times or you will never be able to go back to the proper pronunciation. It has happened to everyone in my family.

• Makeup is “boop boop.” Used in a sentence: “Hang on I just have to finish up my boop boop.” This came to be when my daughter was little and I would pretend to put some blush on her and say “boop boop.”

This awesome dad named Martin Bruckner has completely nailed it when it comes to immortalizing his daughter’s thoughts. He turns the hilarious things she says into illustrations that make for perfectly charming and adorable keepsakes. Here are a few of my favorites: