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In this world being taken over by technology, find a breath of fresh air occasionally

I find myself torn by the impact technology has on everyday life, particularly my kids’ lives. I understand it can be a good thing overall but what concerns me is my children being brought up in the midst of this humongous wave of change.

My son asks me daily questions that I cannot answer. Like “why is a tree called a tree?” or “would a fox eat a caterpillar?” and if I don’t know the answer, he instructs me to “just ask Siri.”

Another example would be the other day when my daughter asked if she could go on (and even included the backslash) while she was actually watching Nick Jr. She has officially attempted to commandeer every electronic appliance in my house.

When we were little, we had one chance to catch Sesame Street in the morning every day. And if we weren’t home? Well, then we missed it. No TiVo, no rewinding live TV, no Netflix. We had to make our own fun and I am doing my best to try and instill that same sense of creativity in my kids. But these days with technology taking over everywhere, it seems like a very tall task.

This is why finding the Great Arizona Puppet Theater was such a breath of fresh air.

It was like getting back to the purest form of entertainment. We all sat on the floor, but there was seating available. The play itself was hilarious, and the “older kids” were laughing just as hard as the little ones with plenty of adult humor thrown in. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, sans the screens.

In the age of iPads here, laptops there, smartphones everywhere, the Great Arizona Puppet Theater was such a treat. If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon with your kiddos that doesn’t include an iPad and (backslash play) be sure to come to the theater and catch a puppet show.
And then you can update your Facebook later about how awesome it was.

The Great Arizona Puppet Theater
302 West Latham Street
Phoenix AZ, 85003
Great Arizona Puppet Theater