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Family photos can be stressful but in the end are worth it

Family pictures.

Are there two more stressful words in the English language? A close second could be root canal or tax day, but I’m pretty sure that combination takes the cake.

Just thinking about them gives me a tightening in my chest. I remember two instances specifically from my childhood where I committed the worst crime in all of history… ruining family pictures.

Well, “ruin” is a strong word but let’s just say I didn’t make the process any easier.

The first time I made the stellar decision to pluck my eyebrows for the first time the morning of the photo shoot. This was before step-by-step tutorials were available on YouTube detailing how to properly remove hair from your face. With the anxiety of the pending afternoon appointment, I got a little “tweezer happy” and took it out on my face.

When I finally got done with the massacre there was blood, which could be remedied, but also a patch of brow missing, which basically gave me a third eyebrow. Not to mention a constant quizzical look on my face like I was raising my eyebrow at the world.

The next time I ruined Christmas (let’s be honest, it’s basically on the same level) was when I went to the beach the day before family pictures. My only instructions were to not get sunburned. I think based on my obvious penchant for being awesome at family pictures you can surmise what happened next. Two words: Lob. Ster.

So when KTAR was wonderful enough to include a family photo shoot courtesy of Vicki Lynn Photography upon being chosen as the winner of the “Mother of All Contests” I had to work through my past trauma. And now there was the addition of a big wild card factor … a 3- and 7-year-old during the witching hour(s) after a full day at summer camp. That root canal was sounding more glorious by the minute.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Vicki was. She was professional, super nice and above all, she knew exactly how to handle the kids. She knew when they had had enough, she knew how to make them smile and was also able to keep them motivated and entertained as sweat was dripping down everyone’s forehead and patience wore thin.

I understand pictures can be an expense that can at times seem unnecessary but I have to say that when I got our pictures back, I had a smile from ear to ear and happy tears streaming down my face looking at the shots and also the slide show she put together with my choice of song. I chose “These are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs. It perfectly summarizes how it feels to be a parent and to cherish these moments in our children’s lives.

Not only did she capture my children and their personalities perfectly, she is a whiz with Photoshop, which yours truly appreciates immensely.

She even carried my 40-pound son all the way back to my car, which is a tall task. I will be forever grateful for Vicki for her kindness in donating her amazing talent to KTAR and for saving this moment in time for me forever. I strongly suggest you do the same.