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Get Outdoors: When you enter the ocean, you drop in the food chain

Holy…what…wait…THAT JUST HAPPENED!

Let’s get something straight: When you are not on land, you are no longer the boss! Never is this more evident than when the crazies are out spearfishing.

This video proves my point perfectly.

If you are planning some fun-filled spearfishing adventure in the near future, please consider the following:
1) There are no laws under the sea. Stealing is perfectly legal.
2) You are no longer at the top of the food chain. It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there and you are lookin’ mighty tasty with those dive fins.
3) Fish will attack wounded fish. Period. So your freshly-speared fish that is wiggling around on your rig will most likely end up as a bigger fish’s lunch sooner than your dinner.

4) Sharks can smell a drop of blood up to a half-mile away. Just saying.

Other than that,knock yourself out. Just make sure cameras are rolling so we can post the video of you losing a few hundred bucks worth of gear.

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