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Get Outdoors: Why your doctor should prescribe a healthy dose of fishing

Bass Pro Shops has put together a list of the health benefits of fishing. Just tuck these away for the next time your spouse complains about you fishing too much.

Benefits to your heart

The American Heart Association recommends that adult spend at least 30 minutes per day participating in an activity of “moderate intensity.” Just shore fishing takes care of this. If you include kayaking, wading or fly fishing…the doctor will be pleased.

Benefits to your brain

Just getting outdoors and away from the daily grind can help your brain recharge after days of cubicle brain drain. A Japanese study has found that people who spend a few hours in a wooded area had lower pulse rates, blood pressure and cortisol rates thyan p[eople who spend a few hours in the city.

Benefits to your body

• Dexterity: So many fishing activities like reeling and casting utilize muscles that you wouldn’t normally be using at work.

• Lungs: High oxygen and low pollution…enough said.

• Vitamin D: The sun is your natural source … save money at the health store.

Helps your kids stay active

• Screen time: The average American child spends over seven hours glued to a screen each day. Being in open areas will help maintain visual balance and limit nearsightedness.

• ADHD killer: Studies have shown that exposure to the elements will reduce ADHD symptoms.

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