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New video of Asiana Airlines crash shows chaos before teen girl run over

Ye Meng Yuan was just 16 years old when she died in the Asiana Airlines crash landing in San Francisco last summer.

What makes her story even more heartbreaking is that Yuan initially survived the crash but was later run over by a fire truck.

CBS News has obtained new video, taken by a fire truck and by the helmet cam of a San Francisco firefighter, showing Yuan’s body lying on the ground near the plane.

While her body appears lifeless, a coroner ruled that at that point, she was still alive.

Officials first said she was accidentally run over “because she may have been hidden in foam sprayed next to the plane.”

But the video footage says otherwise, with firefighters and emergency workers warning trucks to stop, because a body is in their path.

One lieutenant on the scene of the crash said she did not check Yuan’s vitals, despite calling her “our first casualty” after a “three-second” visual assessment.

Three people ultimately died in the crash; 304 survived.