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Video shows Typhoon Haiyan hitting town in Philippines

A resident of Tacloban in the Philippines filmed the video below as Typhoon Haiyan laid waste to the city.

The video shows was appears to be a residential area being slammed by the storm. Trees whip around as rain is blown at a near-90 degree angle.

The video shows several people being evacuated from a hotel on mattresses.

After the storm, Tacloban resembled a garbage dump from the air, with only a few concrete buildings left standing in the wake of one of the most powerful storms to ever hit land, packing 147-mph winds and whipping up 20-foot walls of seawater that tossed ships inland and swept many out to sea.

Authorities estimated the typhoon killed 10,000 or more people, but with the slow pace of recovery, the official death toll three days after the storm made landfall remained at 942.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.