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Caught on Camera: Skydivers survive mid-air collision

What could have been tragic as two single-engine Cessnas collided in mid-air in northern Wisconsin turned into triumph, as all 11 people survived, NBC News reported.

The passengers were all skydivers, preparing to jump in a group formation 12,000 feet above the ground.

Some were filming the routine jump with helmet cams, inadvertently catching the harrowing event on tape.

Despite his plane exploding into pieces, the pilot of the first plane also survived, as he was wearing an emergency parachute.

The second pilot landed his aircraft safely back at the airport, despite damage to the propeller and the wing.

Officials are still investigating why the two airplanes collided.

According to the TODAY Show, however, the nine skydivers were preparing to do a tracking dive, which requires one plane to closely follow the other.

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