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‘SNL’ skit imagines other Hillary Clinton biopics

Two Hillary Clinton biopics were scrapped this week, but the latest “Saturday Night Live” conjured up other television networks’ versions of a series centered on the former secretary of state.

On the Oct. 5 episode of “SNL,” one skit imagines Arianna Huffington on Piers Morgan’s show debuting clips of potential Clinton-based series.

The Fox News biopic has Clinton and her husband, Bill, breaking into the Oval Office to confiscate Benghazi files. AMC has a version in the same vein as “Breaking Bad,” except this one’s called “Running Rodham”: The clip mirrors a key scene in the series finale of the popular Bryan Cranston-led program.

TNT, ABC Family and TLC all have their takes on Clinton. MTV’s version focuses on her relationship with President Barack Obama; that clip features Miley Cyrus, who was the night’s guest host and featured musician.

Besides getting its digs in at Clinton and the aforementioned networks, the skit also poked some fun at Morgan and Huffington.

(Warning: The following video contains some mature content.)