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Kardashian’s crazy aunt Karen gets 15 minutes of fame

Everyone has that over-the-top family member who just can’t seem to keep their mouth shut. For the Kardashian’s, it’s crazy aunt Karen, the sister of Kris Jenner.

Karen Haughton, who possibly had one too many daiquiris, was leaving the Kardashian baby shower Monday when she ran into TMZ, along with several other paparazzi, outside the home.

Haughton, who surely got her fifteen minutes of fame, didn’t hesitate to answer the paps questions, even taking photos with Kardashian fans.

But not all questions were answered since, according to the Haughton, guests had to sign a confidentiality agreement before entering the star studded event.

“Karen, you need your own show,” someone in the crowd said, while many yelled in agreement. “I’ll start a show, maybe,” Haughton replied.

And just like that, a possible “Keeping up with the Kardashians” spin-off was born.