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Man sues after bounty hunters use excessive force

A man decided to sue, after a group of all-female bounty hunters used what he calls “excessive force” to try to capture him.

ABCNews reported that Daniel Duvall is suing the ‘Lipstick Bounty Hunters’, after they left him with a broken nose and permanently blind in his eye.

Duvall had supposedly failed to pay all of his $5,000 bond, which sent the fiery female bounty hunters to apprehend him.

Duvall’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, later revealed that this was not the case, as Duvall only had to pay $1,000 of a $10,000 premium, which he had done. Geilleon claimed the bounty hunters are only looking for a reality show in acting so excessively.

“It is like the Wild, Wild West in California as it relates to bounty hunters – and these are some out-of- control female bounty hunters that are being negligent,” Gilleon said. “My client was shot in the right eye and can’t see. They think this is a lawless business, but it isn’t. It is assault and battery.