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ASU’s Anthony Robles is ‘Unstoppable’ with Jay Leno

One of the most accomplished athletes in Arizona State University history joined Jay Leno Monday night to promote his new book “Unstoppable.”

What makes Anthony Robles unique? He was born with one leg and yet still captured an NCAA wrestling championship and was named NCAA all-American three times.

“I just wanted to have everything in the book — just my whole life story. There were a lot of struggles. Obviously being born missing my leg. But there were family troubles at home with my mom and my dad. And the main purpose of that book is to give people hope,” he said.

“I wanted people to read my story and see nobody’s life is perfect.”

Leno was so moved by Robles’ story when the two met last year that he wrote the forward in the book.

When asked about getting the title of Disabled Athlete of the Year, Robles said he was honored but he didn’t like the title. “I never grew up thinking I was disabled. I never grew up thinking I was handicapped and that was because of my mom.”

Robles also went to Mesa High School, where he was 96-0 in his last two years. He is now a volunteer coach for the wrestling team at ASU after graduating last year.

Leno asked him if he had a handicapped parking permit for his car. Robles said, “I lost it. I’ve never used it.”