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Paul McCartney turns 71, seven other rockers eligible for senior citizen discount

Today is Paul McCartney’s birthday, and we’re sure he’s gonna have a good time.

McCartney turned 71 on Tuesday, and according to Huffington Post, he’s still rocking the stage for nearly three hours on end.

Most recently, Sir Paul performed for more than 20,000 fans during the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, a concert series with a lineup consisting mainly of bands and artists younger than half his age.

But McCartney isn’t the only rock star eligible for the senior citizen discount at Denny’s.

In honor of the former Beatle’s birthday, we put together a list of other musicians in their 70s who are still rocking hard. Ideally, we’d love to show you 70 artists in their 70s, but we had to settle with seven.

Are there even 70 still living?